U.S. Distributor/Importer for Adaptive Optical components and systems:

    --Flexible Optical, BV, otherwise known as Okotech
    --Dynamic Optics

(Decades of Import/Export Experience, including products, systems, and foreign consulting)
    --Full U.S. Customs Broker Certification as current topic of study

Engineering Services: (available on contract ONLY)

    --known for executing rapid ON-SITE remote electro-optical systems integration
    --adaptive optics
    --high energy lasers including guidestar sources
    --Ultra Narrow LInewidth sources
    --analog/digital control systems
    --low noise or other specialized electronics

Technical Innovator:

    --Fast Steering Mirrors
    --PZT optical elements
    --Acquisition, Pointing, and Tracking Systems
    --Control Systems, including software
    --Very Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifiers (enhanced designs)
    --Complex Electro-optical prototypes

Jeffrey Baker, Owner and Principal Investigator
curriculum vitae can be found
"Staying Flexible and
Bending Over Backwards to
better serve you.".-jtb
Jeffrey T. Baker, Baker Adaptive Optics, P.O. Box 40265, Albuquerque NM 87196, 505-259-6628, BakerAO@gmail.com or Sales@BakerAdaptiveOptics.com