About Our Business

Though started in 1991, Baker Adaptive Optics was created in its present form in 1998 with the construction
of an unusually well equipped, grant-funded adaptive optics laboratory in the rural Bosque Farms setting, a
southern suburb of Albuquerque, NM near the Rio Grande river.  The company includes Jeff and his wife,
and a team of expert associates located in this Rio Grande Technology Corridor.

Our mission statement is simple:  "Deliver state-of-the-art quality custom or semi-custom Electro-Optical OEM
hardware and systems with a predictable COTS pricing structure."

Our customers include AFRL, ARL, NRL, Sandia National Laboratories, Other Research Institutions, and
many major Contractors such as  Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, and others, and
also numerous Universities performing research either for the DoD or the medical establishment.

We fulfill the niche of providing targeted one-time or cyclical short term Electro-Optical systems engineering
talent, semi-custom OEM products, prototype building, and device characterization and data analysis.  A
typical customer interaction may consist of 1) technical meeting and discussion, 2) proposal, 3) purchase
order, 4) design, 4) construction, 5) software development, 6) on-site delivery and systems integration, and
finally 7) PowerPoint documentation.  We travel to you.  Some of our favorite work is located 1000 miles
away from ABQ.

Our skills include:  EO Systems Engineering, Optical Design, Analog Electronics, Control Systems Design,
Analog and Digital Controls implementation, Mechanical Design, Enhanced Motion Control and drive
tuning, hardware C-programming, Matlab programming, Labview programming, Machine Vision, normal and
ultra high speed, Optical Sensors selection and electronics construction, inertial sensors, MEMS sensors,
Deformable Mirrors, Wavefront Sensors, Robotics, and much, much more.  We're even working on an
Artificial Intelligence Theory that's so good, we're thinking of calling it
Real Intelligence.

We also cheerfully provide import/export services for the US distribution market of
Flexible Optical BV (a.k.a.
Okotech) located in The Netherlands.  Since we use the products, we are also quite familiar with them.
The Ever Popular "Light Force 1&2"
Jeffrey T. Baker, Baker Adaptive Optics, P.O. Box 40265, Albuquerque NM 87196, 505-259-6628, BakerAO@gmail.com or Sales@BakerAdaptiveOptics.com
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