About Us
About Our Services Business

Baker Adaptive Optics was created in 1991.  Owner Jeffrey Baker has over 30
years of full-time experimentalist experience in the field of optics, electronics,
lasers, controls, RF, etc.

Our customers include all of the major DoD Agencies, Government Laboratories,
Larger Contractors, and Smaller Support Companies, Research Universities and

We fulfill the niche of providing cyclical, contracted "grey-beard" support.

A typical customer interaction may consist of 1) free consult/technical meeting and
discussion, 2) budgeting phase, 3) contract, 4) 1 week on-site interactive design
and procurement specification, 5) acquisition/fabrication period, 6) multi-week,
on-site systems integration, 7) data collection and analysis, and 8) comprehensive
PowerPoint slide making, and finally, 9) Invoicing.

Some of our favourite work is located thousands of miles away from ABQ (albeit
in beautiful troptical surroundings).

Always enthusiastic, because anything is possible.

          "I will never retire, as this is not at all like work to me.--jtb"
Jeffrey T. Baker, Baker Adaptive Optics, P.O. Box 40265, Albuquerque NM 87196, 505-259-6628, BakerAO@gmail.com or Sales@BakerAdaptiveOptics.com