What's New

After many years, we are finally developing a web site for greater visibility,
and to provide a location to put product announcements, technical data, driver links, and
anything else we find interesting etc.

Welcome to the first Baker Adaptive Optics web site.  In business since 1991, we
have developed both products and services to help various R&D communities with laser
Beam Control components, Prototypes, and Systems Engineering.  We also team with
Flexible Optical BV (
ww.okotech.com) to provide the US market with excellently priced and
exceptional quality adaptive optical components, software and systems.
What We Do

Perhaps the better question is:  "What don't we do."   We provide
Commercial-Off-the-Shelf pricing and delivery for custom and semi-custom products and
Electro-Optical prototypes and systems, making life a lot easier, and without unexpected cost

We're not just another vendor.  We become part of your team.

Feel free to
contact us any time with your projects, component needs, or ideas.
The Ever Popular "Pac -Mirror"
Jeffrey T. Baker, Baker Adaptive Optics, P.O. Box 40265, Albuquerque NM 87196, 505-259-6628, BakerAO@gmail.com or Sales@BakerAdaptiveOptics.com